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Sri Lanka health ministry lists products in melamine scare
02 Nov, 2008 11:48:45
Nov 02, 2008 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's health ministry has released a list products whose import and sale were banned because of fears of contamination by the harmful chemical melamine.
The ministry of health care and nutrition officials said they are advising consumers not to consume food items which have tested positive for melamine internationality.

These food products have been tested by authorities in New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, France, Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Canada, Austria, U.S.A, Macau, and China, according the health ministry.

Over four infant deaths have been reported overseas after the consumption of contaminated dairy products which were manufactured in China.

The ministry officials also said shopkeepers are advised to hand over any banned food items to the health care officers if found in their stores.

The consumer affairs authority (CAA) has said it is doing investigations and will ban Sri Lankan food items that test positive for melamine.

Given below is a list of food items banned by the ministry:

Suspect products


Biscuit Cakes and Confectionery


White rabbit creamy candy

Shanghai Guang Sheng Yuan international trade Co.Ltd China

Misarang custard

Not identified.

Milk Rusk

Not identified.

Cream panda (frozen Steamed bun )

Qingdao Marudai food company Ltd. China

Matchta azuki milk man

Qingdao Marudai food company Ltd. China

Oreo wafer sticks

PT.Nabisco food company Ltd. China.

M & M’s  mini milk chocolate


Mars food company Ltd. China.

M & M’s  peanut chocolate candy

M & M’s  milk    chocolate

PT.Liffem foods company Ltd. China.

New  Sshma ows mallow dippers

Not identified.

Lotte koala  yummies cookies 

Lotte koala  biscuit

Lotte koala  strawberry biscuit

Lotte koala  march chocolate biscuit

Lotte koala   biscuit (family pack)

Lotte China foods company Ltd.

Frozen chocolate croissant

Frozen croissant rolled with red Benn

Frozen  pain aux raisins

Frozen  croissant

La Brioche foods production China.

Cadbury choc lairs – Blueberry flavor

Cadbury choc lairs – Coffee  flavor

Cadbury food company Ltd. China.

Bairong taro biscuits     

Not identified.

Mr. brown 3 in 1 coffee products

Car food industrial company Ltd. China.

Kaiser dressing ptrezel

Not identified

Four seas cake (strawberry flavor)

Four seas cake (chocolate  flavor)

Sherwood brands pirates milk chocolate

Four seas mercantile Ltd.China.

Lee cheng milk slice

Lee cheng  (tong wong yang) coconut cakes

Lee cheng   (tong wong yang) walnut cakes

Lee cheng industrial Co.Ltd

Zhongshang City Tian le yuan    Co.Ltd              

Glico pocky men’s coffee cream coated biscuit

Lotte cream cheesecake

Prepared and packed in China. Lotte China foods company Ltd.

Cadbury daily milk cookies

Cadbury daily milk  hazelnut chocolate

Cadbury food company Ltd. China

Edo pack almond cacao biscuit sticks

Not identified.

Liquid milk and yoghurt


Dutch lady strawberry  flavored milk

Dutch lady banana        flavored milk

Dutch lady honeydew   flavored milk

Not identified.

Wangzai milk drink

Shandong want want food company China

Gouzhen pine pollen calcium milk

Yantai New Era Health Industry company Ltd. China 

Soybean drink with milk

Wuzhou Bingquan  industrial shareholding company Ltd. China 

Wahaha AD milk drink

Not identified.

Kirin milk tea

Kirin food stuff company Ltd. China 

Blue cat drinks

Not identified.

Yili high calcium milk beverage

Yili pure milk

Yili high calcium m ilk beverage

Yili industrial group company Ltd. China 

Silang house of steamed potato – potato cracker

Silang house of steamed potato – potato & tomato cracker

Dong Guan Kam Tai Co Ltd China

Xu fu ji puffed rice rolls – butter corn flavor

Xu fu ji puffed rice rolls  - cheese flavor

Dongguan HSU-CHI foods Co Ltd China

Snack world P-nut crackers chips

Hengshui Tong Teng Peanut Co Ltd.

Chocolate pillows

Liwaway  Co Ltd China

Vigour 888 filling roll

Not identified.

Frozen dessert


Yili choice dairy fruit bar yoghurt flavored  ice confection

Yili super bean red bean  chestnut ice bar

Yili bean club-match red bean ice bar

Yili bean club-match red bean milk bar

Yili prestige choctiz – dark chocolate bar

Shanghai Yili AB foods company Ltd. China

Yili natural choice yoghurt flavored ice bar with real fruit

Shanghai Yili AB foods company Ltd. China

Powdered milk and cereal products


Soyspring instant milk cereal

Wuzhou Bingquan industrial shareholding company Ltd. China 

Panda dairy whole milk powder

Not identified.

Processed food stuffs


Frozen gratin crepe corn

Qingdao Marudai food company Ltd. China

Products with dairy component including infant formula

Infant formula

Manufactured in China

Powdered milk

Manufactured in China

Liquid milk

Manufactured in China


Manufactured in China

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