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Sat, 19 January 2019 06:42:55
Sri Lanka’s President Rajapaksa says delivered what he promised: VIDEO
09 Jan, 2015 17:15:00
By Gayan Chandrasekara
Jan 09, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s outgoing president Mahinda Rajapaksa says he bows down to people’s choice as he wants to uphold what he promised.
“2005 Mahinda Chintana says a ruler is only a temporary trustee and not an owner of this country. This is the time that promise will be fulfilled”, Rajapaksa said.

Earlier in the day President Rajapaksa left his official residence ‘Temple Trees’.

Rajapaksa also bid a farewell to his cabinet members, personal and office staff before leaving the post, president media division said.

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11. Dhammike Jan 11
I am really sorry about your stepping down due to wrong people who circled you during last 3-4 years, and they used you and also followed their evil thoughts and you kicked away good people and those poor voters who paid gratitude in 2010, we value and cherish your contribution in the first term including crushing the LTTE, but last term clouded your golden name added into the history to some extent, and people talk about only internal war strategies but you managed outer world and alliances with your efforts that cannot be taken away, we lost a good southern leader and which we had to do for the sake of country and future generation else you would mortgage the country to China, US and india as we can see huge construction at the galle face
10. menike herath Jan 10
Triple gem bless you president rajapksha for defeating terrorism in srilanka in 2009.
9. Asoka Seneviratne. Jan 10
Thank You Sir, You are always in our hearts.
8. D.D.Perera Jan 10
I wrote two letters to His Excellency the President a year ago regarding the cause of action needed to avoid the present circumstances. However that was not taken care of for some reason. Though I am away from the country there was a reflection of outcome of the deeds clearly visible to us. Probably the inner circle prevented the positive feedback reaching him which in turn deprived him of a life long journey for him and for the country as a whole.
7. Jay Ranaweera Jan 10
I have been witnessing the events in SiriLanka over the Internet/TV Channels live etc how the WAR WAS CARRIED OUT AND HOW IT WON!!! For that task MR,GR,Army,Navy,Police & Airforce contributed an UNMEASUAREBLE support to CRACKDOWN THE LTTE MENACE ENABLING OUR INNOCENT SRI LANKANS TO LIVE,MOVE FREELY WITH NO KILLINGS Etc SINCE 2009 May 19th.These activities were observed by me over Internet from an overseas country and my entire family was very happy for safe guarding our beloved motherland by MR & its activists. From that day onwards,everytime I observe 5 Buddhist Precipts I have been praying YOUR EXCELENCY PRESIDENT'S SAFETY FOR MANY MANY YRS TO COME.As Iknew with all the shortcommings, MR Govt DID THE BESTOVER ALL THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS & PMs.Butits very unfortunate that in Sri lanka among the Sinhalese there are very many snakes,traitors,betrayers Sri lankans who work for a BRIBE. AIYO SIRISENA,IS ANOTHER ONE!!! We can see what will happen in the near future,but it will be too late as WHAT HAPPEN TO SADAM HUSSAIN,GADAFFI,AL MALIK AND ALL THE ARAB COUNTRIES WHO SAYS,THOSE RULERS ARE BETTER!!! MAY THE BLESSINGS OF THE NOBLE TRPPLE GEMPROTECT HON MR,GR,AND OUR TRI FORCES WHO SACRIFISED FOR THE CHANGE!!!
6. Sally Jan 10
Well It's all your doing. You could have ruled for two more years and left with dignity.
Classy man. ruined by his associates .
4. W.A.Darwin. Gunewardena Jan 10
Sir You have risen from being a politician to being a Statesman. Thank you for all your have done and the way you handed over power.We as a country still need your valuable guidance.
3. KRIS Jan 09
2. D .Nimal Jan 09
Mahinda Rajapakese is brave and great leader of People of Sri lanka. I admire his role that united and defeted Tamil terrorism from our an Island. He bring peace and stability to our nation after long years struggle for colonial rule and Independence as well as for the sovereignty of Sri Lankan people. MR name will go history as hero of Our Nation. MR achievement is remarkable .
1. Dickie bird Jan 09
Thank you excellency